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Introduce a friend campaign!

We are getting many inquiries from users about “I’d like to introduce a friend, do you have any introduction benefits?” So now, in respond to the general customers, we will hold an “Introduce a friend campaign” starting today

What are the Introduction benefits! ?
We will give away 100% deposit bonus ticket in every introduced person.

No matter when you make a deposit, the doubled amount of deposit is the ticket to be reflected as margin.

Furthermore, when you use this ticket at the time of 100% deposit campaign, it will be 200% bonus. An ultimate deal!
By all means, you too! Why not take the challenge of doubling the margin by introducing a friend!

※The customers to be introduced is only for those new account opening (those who have opened before are excluded).
※When we receive the first time deposit (more than $100) of the friend that was introduced, the ticket will be issued within 3 business days.
※This will be the ticket issuance for the worth of first time deposit.
※If there are falsehood to the registration content of a friend that was introduced, the ticket issued and the bonus will be invalid and will be forfeited from the account balance at the time it was revealed.
※In case the deposit of a friend that was introduced was withdrawn without any trade transaction even once, the ticket issued and the bonus will be invalid and will be forfeited from the account balance.
※The ticket will be issued at the time we receive a deposit from the friend you introduced (no limitations to the amount of deposit)
※The ticket will be expired 30 days from date of issuance.
※The ticket will be used for the amount of the first deposit after the issuance of the ticket.
※The ticket will liquidate in the order of old issuance date.
※The bonus amount limit is $50,000.
※The deposit of those who made a withdrawal within 30 days will be granted 50%.
※In case those who withdraw within 30 days have used this ticket at the time of 100 % deposit campaign will be granted 100%.
※The ticket issued is not available to use in the No-spread account.
※For important matters regarding the bonus, please check the FAQ.

An easy way to introduce!

If you log-in to your My page, there is already an introduce a friend URL.
By opening an account to the friend you will introduce from this URL, everything’s OK!
※ Combined use with IB link is not available.

And then, at the time we receive the deposit from that friend, the 100% ticket bonus will be issued to your My page. If you make a deposit at your own timing within the expiration date (30 days from issuance), the ticket will be automatically used, the 100% bonus will reflect to your account.

By all means, make use of this campaign privilege! Introduce a lot of your friends. We will be happy to help you in your trade life.

Log-in to My page now. Get the Introduce a friend URL!

My page log-in

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