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Notice of changes to the rules in the Binary Option Trading

Today, we would like to inform you of the changes to the rules in the Binary Option trading.

It’s has been about 2 months had passed since the release of The Binary Option trading on July 18th. Thanks to you the Binary Option accounts are now over 1,000 accounts. We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to many of the customers who are trading in the Binary Option.

Our company’s Binary Option is not a system where the judgment time is determined in advance, but the two types of after 1 minute and after 5 minuter from entry, that we are receiving a favorable opinion as very simple.

We are taking the liberty to change the judgment time to 3 minutes and 5 minutes from September 26, 2016.
We hope for your acknowledgement.

Binary Option Trading is one of the foreign exchange trading. It’s very easy to start even for beginners. It’s kind of different compared to Forex with very simple rules, where anyone could participate to the foreign exchange right away.
For more details, please check here.

In the future, we also plan to release the CFD (such as Nikkei 225) trading and Virtual currency trading in GEMFOREX. Please look forward to it.

2016-09-23|GEMFOREX Informaiton