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Notice of introduction of UnionPay, Wechat, China domestic banking settlement

Today, the UnionPay, Wechat, China domestic banking settlement had started.

The Chinese and Taiwanese websites started, together with all the staff we apologize to have kept you waiting for very long while receiving strong requests from many people for the introduction of UnionPay, Wechat and domestic banks in China.
This makes it possible to make deposit to the GEMFOREX account more conveniently. Please use it by all means.

UnionPay is said to be known as “Union Pay” card, It started by the issuance of China Union Pay Co., Ltd. in 2003. It is currently spreading all over the world. It boasts top share not only in mainland China but also in economic cities such as Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. Even in other Southeast Asian countries, more than half of the shops where cards can be used, UnionPay is available. Even outside Asia, centered on brand shops preferred by Chinese tourists, the number of participating stores of UnionPay continues to increase.

Wechat is used by more than 1.3 billion people worldwide, full-scale introduction in Japan also started two years ago.

In addition to these two, the China domestic banking settlement also began.

Click here for payment from UnionPay, Wechat and China domestic banks.
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2017-02-10|GEMFOREX Informaiton