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Guidance of Binary Option Account Trading Temporary Suspension

Today is the guidance of Binary Option Account Trading Temporary Suspension
This is an important guidance, so please read until the end.

Since the release on August 15, 2016 release, we received great popularity on our Binary Option trading.
Although we have used it for customers who exceed our expectations,

Today, there is a report from Metaquartz Corporation that an emergency update of Binary Option MT4 function will be performed. Along with this, we will temporarily suspend the trading of Binary option account
※ There is no effect to All-in-one account and No-spread account, so trading is possible.

To all GEMFOREX Binary Options customers,
We are very sorry to cause a great deal of inconvenience.
Together with all the staff, please accept our sincere apology.

Regarding the prospect of restarting, we will guide you again on e-mail and on the site.
We would appreciate your patience to wait for a while.

If you have any questions, please inquire below.

GEMFOREX Secretariat

That would be all.

2017-03-15|GEMFOREX Informaiton