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Information on the start of mybiwallet settlement

Today is the information on the start of mybiwallet settlement.

mybitwallet (My Bit Wallet) is an electronic wallet (online wallet) service manage by the Singapore eprotections on the Internet.

It is very easy to use compared with other wallets, and it supports international trade in more than 200 countries as an easy-to-understand online wallet.

Opens an account with no account maintenance fee, deposits and withdrawals including credit cards, payment, remittance / receipt all over the world, remittances between individuals are easily available everyday without holidays, 24 hours a day.

By creating an account of mybitwallet, you can manage all your payments at one place, and you can manage funds on any device such as personal computer, smartphone and the likes.

We have made that mybitwallet as an addition to the means of settlement.

Payment from mybitwallet is here.
※ Please check in the logged in status.

2017-11-01|GEMFOREX Informaiton