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Information on the release of WEB version MT4

The use of MT4 WebTrader running on the web has started today.

Up until now it was necessary to install MT 4 on PC or VPS, but there’s no need to install the MT4 WebTrader on PC, etc.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can always check the transaction status on the web.

All functions of MT4 WebTrader provided by GEMOFOREX are based on compatibility with MetaTrader 4, so that new ordering and settlement, pre-order setting, ordering of direct order, setting and editing of limit will be possible with one click.

If you have a conventional MT4 live account or demo account, you can use it immediately.

For MT4 WebTrader provided by GEMOFOREX, please check the details from here.

2018-02-06|GEMFOREX Informaiton