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Announcement on the changes in the bit coin deposit method

Today is the Announcement on the changes in the bit coin deposit method.

Regarding the current bit coin payment method,
Although it has been required to input the address, transaction, remittance amount after remittance to a specified address, but due the changes in the system, the receipt confirmation and reflection of deposit will now be done automatically.

Currently, a specific address was the deposit address, but since it will be allocated to each user in the future, please note that you cannot use the conventional deposit address after changing the specification.

Below is the procedure for creating an address exclusive for bit coins after changes in specification.

Step 1 Create an exclusive address

At first it will be displayed as follows.
If you wish to send a BTC remittance, click the 【Create exclusive address】 button to apply for creation of address.

Step 2 A customer exclusive address will be issued in about 5 minutes.

Step3 When the address preparation is completed, the following display is shown.

The correspondence to this will be done during this month, please prepare according to the contents of the guidance after the change.

That would be all.

2018-02-14|GEMFOREX Informaiton