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Announcement on the release of CFD Trading

Thanks to you, we have many customers from English-speaking countries, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and the number of accounts has now exceeded 80,000 accounts.

And this month GEMFOREX has entered its fifth year

Today, with the title The third bullet commemorating the 4th anniversary, we are announcing the release of CFD trading.

We received requests from many customers regarding the CFD trading. We are sorry to have kept you waiting. Today, finally we are able to release the CFD trading.

What is CFD Trading?

It refers to difference settlement trading (Sakin Kessai Torihiki), abbreviation for Contract for Difference. Margin (deposit) is deposited as a financial instrument to a merchant, it deals with buying and selling by difference settlement. Domestic and foreign currencies as underlying assets, refer to price and index of financial products such as stock price and gold price.

Because we deposit margin money and conduct leverage transactions, Foreign exchange margin trading (Forex) is one of differences settlement transactions. In general, Foreign exchange trading is Forex. Other stocks and stock price index etc. are regarded as CFD genre.

The characteristics of GEMFOREX CFD trading are as follows.

  • Directly connected to the stock market existing on earth
  • Realizes Commodities (commodity futures) and energy trading
  • Access to the world economy is realized from various countries
  • You can trade with the same account as Forex.
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) is adopted
  • Expulsion of requote and contract refusal
  • Absolutely No Hidden Markup
  • Contract Realization 99.79% within 0.78 seconds
  • Account opening within 30 seconds & 3 minutes to start trading

… and more!

GEMFOREX continues to seek a comfortable environment of traders. The CFD trading is now available under MT4 environment you are familiar with in Forex, even for beginners of CFD trading.

This is handled by GEMFOREX. Please check the following for the CFD trading product list.

CFD Trading product list

CFD Trading Conditions

CFD Trading Account type

CFD Trading, how to deposit to the account

All the staff are looking forward for the use of many customers

Should you have any questions, please inquire below.

GEMFOREX Secretariat

That would be all.

2018-10-24|GEMFOREX Informaiton