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Prohibition of Latency trading (Latency arbitrage)

Today, we would like to inform you about the Latency trading (Latency arbitrage).
This is an important guide, please read to the end.

Latency trading (latency arbitrage) is characterized by the fact that settlement is repeated in an abnormally short time slot, and as a result, it has been found that a large number of transactions occur, which greatly affects the transactions of other traders. We prohibit transactions that fall under latency trading (latency arbitrage).

If applicable transactions are discovered or we have concluded, we will invalidate all applicable transactions, refund the principal you deposited (if withdrawals have already been made, only the balance after withdrawals) and then delete the account.

Also, deleted accounts will be permanently unrecovered.

Even if you create a new account, all transactions will be invalidated as soon as it is discovered regardless of the content of the trade, and the principal deposited by the customer (if withdrawals have already been made, only the balance after withdrawals), after that, we will delete the account.

In addition, make sure to confirm the contents here as they are added to the guidelines.

GEMFORE Guidelines

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GEMFOREX Secretariat

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2020-01-10|GEMFOREX Informaiton